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Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Few New Things And Current Happenings

I started writing a series a few weeks ago on here called Meeting Lunaril. I decided I would rather compile all of those stories and exploits into one all-encompassing book and see what happens. So that is the project taking up so much of my time right now. As a consequence, I haven't had much time to write on here. Not only am I working on Meeting Lunaril as a Novel, I also run an LGBTQA Steam gamer group called, Let's Be Gaymers Together. This group started out as a pet project, a hobby, because I was tired of all the various LGBT Groups on steam who were either infested with bigoted trolls, or were not safe, family friendly places for Gaymers of all ages, colors, and types. As I began advertising the group on various gaming websites, we started to pick up a few members, and eventually we've grown to almost 2000 now.

Let's Be Gaymers Together holds random game giveaways for our members, we have a radical account, so we can talk to each other, and are working on building up a web site as well. We've been growing steadily and so far we seem to have a fun, active, and diverse community of Gaymers in our online family. I spend time each day talking with random people in the group, answering questions, holding officer meetings, running giveaways, or managing a side project on Steam called Game Reviews by Lunaril. Feel free to check them out, I have 134 so far and try to add a few more reviews each week. These little projects have kept me busy lately, taking time away from this Blog, which I do apologize for. It seems every time I want to write again, Real life interrupts and pulls me away for an extended period of time.

Since I'm on the subject of my group Let's Be Gaymers Together, I am trying to win a contest for a copy of Fallout 4.  I only need 14 more people to subscribe through my link, and then check their emails and verify, to win the game. Now, I don't want the game for myself, well I do actually, but I already have it on pre-order. The reason I am attempting to win a copy of this game, is to donate it to Let's Be Gaymers Together as part of our September Giveaway promotion. I thought it would be awesome to have a Triple A title such as Fallout 4 as our main giveaway prize at the end of the month. We use these giveaway events not only to reward our members for being a part of our family and helping us keep Let's Be Gaymers Together a safe, fun, family friendly place, but also to raise awareness of and promote our group. So since I only need 14 more people to help me out, I was hoping I could ask my readers to lend a hand. It takes 2 minutes of your time, Just submit an email address to subscribe with, then make sure to verify it once you receive an email. I use a junk email account for things like this so I don't get flooded with spam on my official account. Your help here would be so amazing and will make this month's giveaway our best one yet. Please help if you can.

Now that I've Talked about my Steam group and asked for your help: Thank you for those who have helped, , I want to talk a little about recent events such as the political crap coming out of the Washington Beltway, as well as the Mainstream Media's refusal to do their job. I don't know what pisses me off more, I mean politicians always lie, it's such a cliché. What isn't cliché is the level of which their dishonesty is not only uncontested in the Media, but is being believed by average, every day people. Both political parties do it all the time, it's just a fact of life, but the way Republicans have been taking it a step further, is something frankly I'm surprised about. The media is largely silent even on the most transparent lies, such as with their coddling and coverage over Donald Trump. Yes, he is an entertainer and that is what his whole shtick is about, but most of the Republican supporters who show up to his events and spout the more vile, hateful, bigoted, racist, and ignorant trash, they are not entertainers, they the base of the Republican party. These are the core Republican supporters who ensure people like Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Tom Cotton, and other right wing politicians get elected, then re-elected, even though they support policies completely against their own interests. These are the people who have made the current state of politics unsustainable, and emboldened other hard right groups, some of which are anti-government, hate groups to flourish. They promote a type of, "Crisis Governance" where we go from one Catastrophic event to the next, The Debt Ceiling held hostage, a Government Shutdown threat, Filibuster after Filibuster of even the most basic and humane legislation to make our government function properly the way it has for over 200 years, each event designed to extract as many political points as possible, while accomplishing only the barest of minimums, which of course is then completely blamed on the Democrats, who are busy doing everything they can to avoid Government Shutdowns, or Debt Ceiling defaults... One side doesn't care if our country implodes and has a base of supports who almost relish the thought, and the other side is willing to do just about anything to hold it all together, and has a base of supporters outraged at what is happening, but being held hostage by lunatics, and powerless to stop them.

That is essentially the state of affairs in Washington, and why our country is in the state it is. Meanwhile the media wholly owned by Corporate interests, avoids holding anyone accountable, because while we are focused on whatever manufactured crisis is happening this week, they are sending jobs overseas and raking in billions, or violating the law and getting away with it, because we are too busy being distracted to notice until it is to late. The media no longer gives us the information we need to make informed decisions, they give us the information their owners want us to have to make decisions which are manipulated against our interests and toward theirs. No one talks about the ongoing nuclear meltdown at Fukashima anymore, even though it has been ongoing for 4 years. Chernobyl lasted only a few months, and look at the devastation it wrought. Mass species extinctions happening all over the world, climate disasters and dangerous shifts in climate patterns all linked to man-made global climate change, with even NASA talking about humanity being on the verge of the Sixth great mass extinction on earth within the next 50 years, and people are still watching Dancing with the Star's, or Keeping up with the Kardashians. People are more worried about what is between Caitlin Jenner's legs, because the media focuses on that, rather than on how irradiated the Pacific ocean is, or how our planet is dying before our eyes. In a few decades when food shortages cause riots throughout the world, those who have billions will be safely in their little fortified bunkers with enough rations to last the rest of their lives, they will want for almost nothing, while the rest of us fight for what little is left, until we to are gone.

Of course, it doesn't HAVE to be this way. People COULD start the process of CHANGE now, but as a society we don't have the WILL to do it. Most people throw up their hands and say I can't make a difference.  I think the one thing above all that scares those in power or those with the power the most, is the masses finally deciding enough is enough, rising up and taking back what they've swindled and cheated us out of. Capitalism has enabled a few to take from the masses what once belonged to the masses, and has given the many the false hope that they too could one day join the few. It is this pie in the sky hope which has kept the many from taking back what the few have taken from the masses. It is this pie in the sky mentality which will either be the downfall of our species, or will eventually become so unsustainable and unrealistic to the many that we finally rise up as a society and prevent the few from further exploiting the masses. As always, the choice is ours. I can do my part by talking about it and stirring up your brain cells, but when you go to the polls and vote, instead of automatically voting red or blue, why not vote green, vote for those who actually want something better for all of us. Maybe if enough of you did that, things actually could change before it is to late.