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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Out of the Loop

Its not often I am able to completely disconnect for a couple of days. Away from a phone, no facebook, google, or games, no television, just completely and totally unplugged. Thankfully, I was reminded of the way life used to be before the internet became the all encompassing reason to sit at a computer. A few weeks ago I had the unfortunate chance to experience what a broken tooth feels like, which led to a dreaded dentist appointment. While there, I found out my wisdom teeth were impacted and needed to come out, so I scheduled an appointment, which is what led to my techno-disconnect.

I had been dreading this appointment for days. I knew they were going to put me under, which was probably the only reason I was able to go through with it in the first place, but I also knew the risks associated with being under anesthesia. So I decided to take a trip to my grandparents farm, try to relax, calm my nerves and then head from there to the appointment. My grandparents live 15 miles from the closest semblance of civilization. There is no cell service, and they are barely beyond dial-up internet, which loves to drop out frequently, not to mention they have a computer, which is older than my baby sister, and she has 3 kids: Okay, I'm kidding, but it is still pretty old.

So being on the farm that time forgot was refreshing and calming, but it also meant I was missing out on the larger world and what has been going on. So, the day came, my teeth were pulled, I came home, and now here I sit writing once again. I realize now just how fortunate I was to be able to unplug for a couple of days, and disconnect from the hectic frenzy, which has become our lives in the 21st century. Speaking to a young 13-year-old the other day I realized that children today are plugging in younger and younger, and as a consequence are losing touch with the outside world, even as they become more interconnected with society. We worry so much about saving our planet, but so many of us don't take the time to stop and appreciate it, because our lives keep us focused on other priorities.

Maybe having my teeth pulled was a horrible thing, but for a moment it reminded me of something I take for granted and gave me the chance to untangle myself from my social interconnectedness. I think there is a good lesson in this for everyone, to try and take a couple of days where you are out of the loop, unplugged, and reconnected with the real world. Go for a nature walk, visit your old stomping grounds, walk through an orchard and smell the Autumn leaves, and you will feel rejuvenated once again. Trust me on this.