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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Let's Be Gaymers Together November Pick your Game Giveaway

Each month, our LGBT Gaymer group on steam, Lets Be Gaymers Together holds a giveaway contest. Actually, we sometimes do several in a month, but lately we've been doing One or Two. For November, we will start the contest on the 1st and select our winner on the 30th. The winner will have the chance to pick from a list of game keys we have available.
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For every 100 entries we will select a new winner to pick. We hope this will be a lot of fun, we encourage everyone to share this post with friends and fellow gamers who are supportive of the LGBT community, and we welcome everyone to join us for our Giveaway.

Congratulations go out to C. Blade & William D. our October Winners! Hope you enjoy the games you picked out and thank you for supporting Lets Be Gaymers Together

Day 3 Update:

Wow, so many people have already joined our giveaway and we are only 3 days into it. Also, this month, Orwell has donated Batman: Arkham Knight for our monthly giveaway, additionally, another member has pledged to get Fallout 4, so that may be on the game list this month as well. I will try to keep everyone posted as to what is going on, as well as with any new additions. I just wanted to recognize Orwell's contribution. It is because of members like you, our group is able to have these giveaways and give back to our members who support our cause.

Day 7 Update

We are still at 33 entries, and it hasn't moved for the last few days, so I thought I would post an update. The giveaway is free to all members and is sponsored by our very generous members who have donated the games. We run the giveaway as a way of giving back to our members, as well as to promote our group, so your support is welcome and needed. In the last 3 months, we've seen our membership increase 3 fold and it is largely due to the efforts of our members to give back and promote our community. Members like Shasta, Doom, Acidic_Taco, Orwell, who have donated games, or Lady Daze, Candy Bacon, Daeminos, and Stifler who give their time helping others and making the group social. In many ways our group has become an actual community of LGBT and Straight Allied gamers, and that is exactly what we were hoping for. Cackasaurus Rex is our latest Moderator who is a straight Ally. We all enjoy gaming and playing with each other, Doom and I played a game of Endless Space against each other, we've hosted Ark: Survival Evolved servers, Starbound and Terraria servers and more. Some of us stream on twitch, which I will be doing with Fallout 4 this month. We welcome all of you to join us, socialize, make friends, find someone who shares your interest and game with us. You are most welcome here.

Day 21 Update, we are at 45 Entries for the Monthly Pick your Game Contest, and there is still a week to go. Doesn't look like we will hit 100 this time, but all of you are welcome to join in. We've also set up a program for those who want to support our cause by being a Patreon. Don't forget to enter while you still can, we have some cool titles on our list this month, you won't want to miss.
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