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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The United States of Mass Deception

It's definitely that time of year again. I thought I would dodge the Flu Bullet this year, like I have the last several years, but it seems I was due for the Mother Flu instead. I don't typically take flu shots. It's not that I want to get the flu, I just don't trust flu shots. There is a valid reason for this, though many of you probably won't believe it. Often when humans are confronted with horrible truths we go through denial or attempt to rationalize what we do not want to believe. This particular article, while important and potentially dangerous for me, has been on my mind for the last 3 years, ever since I found out the truth.

A trusted source working in military intelligence whom I have known for well over a decade, let slip one night over drinks the reality behind flu shots. The government, in collusion with drug companies, use annual flu shots giveaways as research trials on the population. Some of these shots are nothing more than placebo's, others are experimental drugs, and a small percentage are actually flu vaccines. My first thought was, how is it possible the government could allow, let alone condone this type of research?

Growing up we all are indoctrinated in the American narrative of freedom, liberty, justice, and rights. We brag about our system of governance, and put down all others. It isn't until we grow up we realize Justice is selective depending on socio-economic status, sex, or racial background; Although, we tell ourselves we have our freedom and rights guaranteed by the constitution so everything is okay. In actuality, we don't have rights, we have privileges. The government, through the use of Law Enforcement, the court system, or even military might, can detain you, without trial simply by labeling you an enemy combatant. Writing this article, based on its content for example, is covered under the First Amendment; However, the government could conceivably retaliate against me for what I am exposing. The truth is, I don't care about them, and I care about my family, and the future for my children. I want my children to grow up with a burning desire to fight for their rights, organize with others and change government. The only way this can be accomplished is if the citizenry becomes informed, opens their eyes to the reality of our world, gets pissed off about it and comes together to force a change in the way things are done.

While taking an ethics course in college, we discussed the Psychological effects of torture, as well as various experiments conducted by Germany during World War Two. Information later discovered at the end of the way, related to experiments on concentration camp prisoners was used to make advances in technologies, medical research, and psychology. What I did not know was Russia also conducted similar experiments, as did the United States. In fact, the United States has a very long history of conducting such Research on the American people, with little to no oversight for the past 100 years. In the United States, during World War Two, the United States essentially suspended the constitutional rights of American Citizens who were Japanese-American. These citizens were rounded up and placed in internment camps. What is not widely known, is how some of these citizens were subjected to Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical research experiments conducted by the Military. Training videos in the United States Army, show actual human beings, who were interned Japanese-Americans, being dosed with massive amounts of radiation to study the effects of exposure. Others were exposed to anthrax spores, Saran, mustard gas, and many others, all for similar purposes. These aren't Nazi's we are talking about, who rounded up their own citizens, tortured, mutilated, and experimented on them: This was the United States Government!

When you take the training video evidence into account, combined with the treasure trove of other human experiments, along with the account of Flu shot research trials on an unsuspecting population is a sobering thought. Do we really know what is in the flu shot? Its bad enough we are exposed to tap water, which contains trace chemicals from every antibiotic, or pharmaceutical product flushed down a toilet, which sanitation cannot remove: now we have to be concerned with a flu shot. The book Freakonomics, talks about how you can accurately predict behavior when you look at someone’s motivation. If the motivation of a pharmaceutical company is to make money, and the motivation of the government is to conduct secret research, the public would otherwise overwhelmingly reject to and which also happens to be highly illegal, it makes sense this would be a way to go about conducting research. The pharmaceutical industry has virtually no liability, making it a cost-effective research project, and the government is able to advance Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical research under the radar.

Remember, they've done this kind of thing before, is it too much of a stretch to think they could do it again?

This has been eating at me for years, and I've hesitated putting it out there, because I know full well the potential for repercussions; However, I do have a conscience. Unlike most of our entire government, I actually believe the constitution and guarantee of rights contained within is a great thing. I think diversity is awesome and serves to progress the human race forward. This comes with risk that is the price for freedom. A Government who universally lies to its citizenry, does not respect freedom, or serve to protect the rights of the constitution. The Governments motivation is to stay in power, and acquire more power for as long as possible, when it should be to serve the people and advocate in the best interests of the people. Coming clean about these issues is something the Government can't do, because it would contradict their primary motivation. People would never vote to elect those who commit these flagrant crimes against humanity. We are talking about American Citizens being tortured and experimented on, not an Arab in the desert thousands of miles away.

I've said it before, I say it every single day to my friends and family, we need to do something because we are headed down a very dark road for the human race. People in general are content to be blind sheep, but the problem is they are being led into a slaughterhouse and because they are blind and ignorant to what is going on, they are happy to do it. People are hurting financially, losing their homes, retirements, savings, saddled with lower wages, longer hours, poorer standards, lower quality of life, all while being distracted with shiny new toys, professional sports, or media entertainment where their acceptance and conformity is reconditioned.

Some people think we have already gone past the point of no return, and it's only a matter of time before things collapse, we fall into a great depression and marshal law is declared when people finally stand up. Others think we are headed for a future where corporations own us, which in many ways they do already. I think it is likely marshal law will one day be declared, when the suffering of the people is great enough they finally start fighting back; However, I still try to hold out hope that the human race will snap out of its deep sleep and stand up before the last minute to prevent those in power from destroying civilization as we know it. I think it is possible, but it would take millions of people, people from every state, in such massive numbers as to be unstoppable, rising up together to say NO MORE!  We need to remove those in power, vote outside the corrupt two party system and select candidates not beholden to corporations or ideologies. We need to remind law enforcement, they exist to serve and protect the people, not to harass and bully people. Businesses need to be held accountable, and forced through legislation to put the public interest ahead of profit and shareholders. Capitalistic greed needs to be replaced by a sustainable, fair, and equitable system of economics. Education, Science, and Medicine should be our focus instead of professional sports. We need to help the least among us, because only by helping the least among us, can the rest of us rise higher. We are only as strong as our weakest link. So much needs to be done, and so many people are needed to do it. Maybe this new knowledge of the Government's role in human experimentation, torture, and mass deception will lead you to want to act? Maybe it will lead you to share what you've learned with others, and they will want to act? If not, if this doesn't persuade you to want to stop what is going on and change how our government governs, maybe those people who say everything is going to collapse and marshal law is coming, are right after all. Maybe there isn't hope for us? I, for one will try to keep that hope alive as long as I can.