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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fifteen Minutes of Fame.

How many of you have heard of Dino Bruscia, Giovanna Plowman, Alyssa Rosales, or Karla & Latifa(Stage names)? Dino Bruscia is known as the poop boy, because he ate his own feces for fifteen minutes of fame. Giovanna Plowman is known as tampon girl, for the same reason. Alyssa Rosales is known as Dog Girl and I'm not even touching that one, finally Karla & Latifa you will remember from the infamous two girls, one cup video. What the hell is wrong with these people?

It is one thing to have people wandering around as mindless sheep, doing whatever those in authority tell them, it’s just intellectual laziness, but for people to intentionally set out to commit horrifically disgusting acts like eating your own feces or used tampons, for the purpose of sharing it with the internet in the hopes it will bring you fame, is a sign of a seriously disturbed individual. These people must be so horribly neglected by those closest to them, they are willing to seek out attention, no matter how negative from complete strangers on the internet. They can't seriously believe people will respond in a positive way to this type of behavior; Furthermore, evidence shows through responses to Giovanna Plowman's Facebook page, an overwhelmingly negative reaction to this kind of behavior.

If these people are so desperate for attention, perhaps they should be directed to support groups, or programs designed to help at risk people, instead of given a platform, either through social media, or shock reality shows such as, Tosh.0  Even negative attention by mainstream sources, where pundits or talking heads share their disgust, lends legitimacy to this type of deranged attention-seeking behavior. These people need help from mental health professionals, not enabling from ratings-driven media, or a sick and depraved group of people on social media sites. 

To further drive the point home, Giovanna Plowman is a
15-year-old girl, according to media reports from The Daily Dot, so why have child welfare authorities not become involved, after her tampon-eating demonstration. It would seem to me her parents are incapable of monitoring or controlling her daughter’s actions and this would be a child welfare issue; furthermore, why is a 15-year-old girl able to create and utilize a YouTube account, let alone post a video like this.

There are so many things wrong with this entire situation, and plenty of blame to go around, but this seems to be a new trend among the youth of today. Plowman has stated, "her quest for internet fame is no worse than reality television". Maybe there is actually something to that comment. Our society seems to be obsessed with Reality Television, from the Kardashians who are in their 10th year this year, to Pawn Stars, Ice Road Truckers, American Idol, and Survivor we are a nation of consumers for reality programming. Young people like Giovanna, who are still in the stages of childhood development, see reality television and attention seeking behavior rewarded on shows such as Tosh.0, and they believe this is a perfectly acceptable way to become famous. It doesn't help that a lot of sick people in our world are encouraging this behavior and/or enabling it. 

This attention-seeking behavior for fifteen minutes of fame, is another example of what is wrong in our society and why things are falling apart. For the record, I'm not linking these videos for you guys. I don't want to validate or enable this kind of behavior, and unlike mainstream media