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Monday, December 24, 2012


Here is an interesting question to ponder: If Republicans are the party of the Rich, Privileged, and Big Business interests, which is hard to dispute, what incentive would the Rich, or Business interests have in promoting job creation here at home, when doing so will only help President Obama's reelection efforts. We have seen what a struggling economy did for Democrats in 2010, Republicans understand this, which is why the economy has not recovered and why job growth is lack-luster.

So long as business interests and Republican politicians stand to gain politically from a weakened economy, the status-quo will continue without democratic intervention; Unfortunately, many Republicans are single issue or ideologically driven voters, who are misinformed, under-educated, and sheltered from the real world, so they will probably continue voting against their own self-interests, making a Democratic super-majority almost impossible to achieve. As a result, nothing may ever stop the Republican wrecking ball from bringing down our freedom's and civil liberties.

If you want an example of why a Democratic super-majority would be necessary, look at 2008 - 2010, when Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress. Republicans stonewalled, filibustered, and obstructed every piece of legislation they could, even when it was something they previously supported or was in their constituents best interests to support. They did this to try and thwart any victory by President Obama or the Democratically controlled Congress, thereby setting the stage for the 2010 and 2012 elections, where they would make the Democrats and President Obama look like failures. They more-or-less succeeded with their obstruction tactics, but what they also did with this was to show their deep-seeded intentions.

Republican politicians are determined to force their ideological beliefs unto the rest of the country, by any means necessary and they are willing and prepared to destroy the country as it is today to try and achieve this goal. They are against education, because an educated populace is harder to control, they are against social programs, because their own self-interests outweigh the uplifting of a society by helping those in need. Republicans are unable to win logical or rational debates and must instead resort to bully-tactics or outright lies, including the use of public media and propaganda machine Fox News, to misinform and rally their constituents. They use wedge and single voter issues like Abortion and Gay Rights, to galvanize support from those voters, Throw the word God around to court evangelicals, baptists, and catholics. They act like the Sheriff of Nottingham when they have power, but are rarely held accountable for their misdeeds.

My prediction is a dire one: Things will continue to get worse. Conservatives will continue to gerrymander the law, legal process, judicial system, congress, and anything else they can, and will bring our country to the verge of collapse, because they do not want our society to be a diverse, open, and free society. They do not want equal rights or equal justice under the law, unless those rights and that justice is for them only. They won't stop until everyone is forced to live under their ideological worldview. Business interests know they will remain untouchable for the most part, as they have the power and financial ability to rise above the rest of society and operate according to their own rules. Life as we know it will change, everyone who is not wealthy or privileged, will be beholden to those with power, working menial-labor jobs to barely scrape by, being kept on the brink of starvation, and routinely dosed with fear, making them easier to control. Oh wait, hasn't that already started?